07 October 2006

halloween pictures

no, not of us--mom's workin' on nitro's costume for skeezix's contest, though. when she got to thinkin' about costumes, she decided to look up her old pictures (before digital days) and scan them into flikr. so there's a flikr badge in the sidebar where you can see what The Boy looked like in years gone by. we can tell ya, he'da scared us! (well, nels sez he scared the kitties who lived here plenty, anyway, little boys being what they are!)


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

WHOA! them's are shure scary! (duz he like Star Warz at all?) those is furry good costooms. whatcha makin fur Nitro? we won't tell

monkeybunkey said...

Although I don't do costumes myself, those be good ones! Monkers