26 October 2006

nitro's costume secrets revealed!

mom sez:

taking the picture of nitro in his halloween costume wasn't all beer & skittles. the shirt is a size 3mo-6mo from the thrift shop, and i sewed the bling around the neck from my jewelry parts stash. getting him into it was like dressing a recalcitrant baby, but i was encouraged that he didn't freak out during a coupla shirt-wearing dry runs.

however, came the photo shoot, getting that HAT to stay on was a whole nuther story. first i stuffed it with tissue paper, and the crackling of it was so alluring to him that he kept trying to see up into the hat. then i tried stuffing it with bubble wrap, but that was heavier than the tissues, and he didn't like it. i knew i shoulda stuck with the tissue, but we shot with the bubbles. if only i had been smart enough to stiffen the crown with white glue (which is how he got those perky ears) and then glued it to his head!

and here's the story of the "proud meezer posture" several kitties commented on: when we got him all dressed, he suddenly developed an advanced case of jello-bones--would NOT stand or even sit on dad's lap, just collapsed into a puddle of nitrobutter. so we ended up setting him on the kitchen table with dad behind him. dad started out by holding him up by the collar. that pulled the bling into his fur and outta sight, so i told him to grab him by the scruff. he did, and that worked best, but the poor kitty looks like he's had two too many face-lifts.

after the costume came off, he did come seek me out, so he didn't hold a grudge. what a Good Kitty! i wonder how he'll like playing Santy Claws . . .


The Tower Hill Mob said...

Hi guys!
Could your Mum email our Mum, please? She has a question for youall. Hope all is well in Missouri.
Tilly and Toby

Fat Eric said...

Ohh, Nitro, what patience!!
My mum says she saw a Santa costume for pets in a shop today and she thought about getting it for me, then she thought about the chances of me actually agreeing to wear it!!
Thank you all for the lovely purrthday wishes!

Cheysuli said...

Just a note to my humans: I AM NOT THAT NICE.

Jack said...

Sounds like getting me into my costume.

My OTW made the tunic all wrong for kitty bodies so she split it up the back. She got it on me by laying it out, open on the floor and putting me down on top of it. She got my paws in the sleeves quick because she tricked me with head kisses and chin rubs, but she needed both hands to do up the belt to hold the tunic in place. I kept trying to skulk forward away from her, trying to walk out of the costume, but she got it done up and kissed me lots, and even my pathetic "I love you. Why are you doing this to me?" look didn't work (I think she's on to me....).

Then she popped the cloak over my head, which I didn't mind so much and put me down in front of her cloak, by my reindeer rug. The big one was standing by with the camera, but he only got a few pictures before I had enough and tried to skulk behind the OTW's loom. She took the costume off then.

You're very patient Nitro. And it was nice of you to forgive your mom so quick. I napped in my hard-to-reach-me place for hours, and looked really sadly at her wwhenever she petted me, until she promised to never make me wear a costume again.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

well, it wuz excellent an certainly worth all the trubble, cuz we enjoyed it lots. we're wonnering 'bout the beer an skittles ref-rense though. beer makes yur mouth go all like this, an skittles makes yur mouth go all like that, an so we're a little confused as ta how yur mouth could go like this an like that at the same time. effur tried it?

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Nitro, what a good sport you were - and how rewarding. We can't view your video properly on this slow internet connection that we have right now, but we look forward to seeing it.