05 November 2006

hey, guys?

we's doin' blanket-duty on mom in the several places she hurts from cuttin' wood yesterday. she isn't hurt-hurt, just stiff and sore (acause she's old, she sez), an' pretty cranky. we's thinkin' of yas all, and has a picture ready to post for monday, so we'll see you then.

an' it ain't hurtin' us any to rest up after yesterday's party, either--we was quiet, but WE HAD FUN!!! thanks again, smeagol, strider, gizmo & mystery and beans--you threw a rockin' party for all of us, from mini-moes (who are now pretty clean, thanks to fat eric) all the way up to beans (who just watched from corners and almost bursted with love at seeing so many nice kitties together)!

many happy purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu

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