20 November 2006

hurray! we gots our bloggie back!!

while mom's not azackly ALL better, she's back at work and now we can surf and blog!!

the bestest news (besides her & dad surviving bronkitis, that is) is that the new cat blogosphere calendar is ready to purchase!!! please go here to read all about it! and steer your beans that way--they're the ones with the credit cards--and remind them they have bean-friends who know and love all us kitties, and would be PROUD to own this marvelous monument to meowers efurrywhere. there're T-shirts and a mini poster, too!!

i'll bet they have bean-friends (like our mom & dad do), who don't have a clue what kitty blogging is all about. what better way to advertise what fantastic felines we are--kitties with hearts to help ofurs!!! not to mention, a darn good look at some of the cutest cats around!

purrrrrs to ya all,


peeyes: i know a secret about edmund and where he was saturday night! >^*smirk*^<


Daphne said...

Glad to ready your human-beans are getting betterer.
I'm trying to convince my bean that we really must have one of those calendars for our stocking this year!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

madd said...

I am so glad everyone is feeling better..you guys did a good job of taking care of your mom and dad..see ya..m

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! hi sweetie!