30 November 2006

the joke's on dad!

mom & dad are allus urging cocoa (the d*g) to "git them squirrels"!!! to motivate her to chase 'em away from stripping dad's poor struggling pecan tree in the back yard. they've never gotten a ripe pecan from it although it bears efurry year. the darn tree ratties get 'em.

well, cocoa chases 'em dutifully, and finally got one. when dad came home tonight, mom was holding something behind her back, and told dad "cocoa got a squirrel!!!" at first he was all proud, but then kinda disbelieving, 'cause he din't think mom would be holding a dead squirrel in the living room (sez mom: too right!). when she presented him with it, this is what he saw:

unfortunately, the only pecans it has efur menaced were in a pie; it's the plywood cutout that grandad made for mom to use to pull out hot oven racks. apparently it had been taunting cocoa from the safety of the counter, and let its tail hang just a little too conveniently low. *sigh*


Cheysuli said...

Oh the poor fake squirrel. Of course now we know that Cocoa knows what a squirrel looks like...

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a cute post. Well, Cocoa is headed in the right direction, I guess. Ha-ha.

BTW, that's a cute little squirrel cutout, can you buy those someplace. I like that kinda natural look.