06 December 2006

need a laugh?

maybe you haven't seen all of these pictures yet. we hadn't, and we've seen lots! mom's friend joe posted them on his bloggie (an' there's lotsa other interesting, neat-o stuff for geeks there). we didn't unnerstand ALL the captions, but then, we're not techno-cats; but some of you are, and we're sure you'll get 'em. you can see them here: www.fourthlaw.com -- it's the most recent post, entitled "im on ur netw0rkz, scannin ur sheenz!!!!!!!1111!"


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh those is funny pikshurs! I'm gonna go play trashcat now. hehehe

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

those're hysterical!

madd said...

Hey Guys..how are you doing..have missed you all..go for second interview at the new hotel friday am..keep all your paws crossed..:) I have seen these pictures, they are so funny and very cute..take care see ya soo..m

Anonymous said...

He, he. Very funny.