26 December 2006

we had a furry merry christmas!

but it was pretty subdued. at noon-thirty, dad went to grandma & grandpa's house wif The Boy, auntie sue, uncle steve, an' cousin kayla, and they had a big party there. mom stayed here acause she couldn't stand the smell of food, an' even hadda hide in the bean den while dad was smokin' the ribs. but it worked out fine: she cuddled us--each an' efurry one (one at a time)--as long as we din't step on her tum. we had cuddles an' naps ALL day long, 'cept for when she let nels open his secret paw (thanks, lizzie and fambly--it was a BONANZA of goodies)!! he let us all get goofy onna nip an' play wif the fev-ver butt mousies (come to think of it, the nip was prolly why he let us play;-). mom's really sorry that she couldn't find the camera to record it. it was a SUPER good time.

then dad finally came home and brought more presents to open, and mom ate more tea and toast. they watched the polar express, acause dad had seen it before and thought mom would like it--she did. an' then he made up the fire and went to bed early--he hadda get up to go to work this morning, but mom's stayin' home TO CUDDLE US SOME MORE!! YAY!!. she's better--she ate some jello already, and is thinkin' about a soft-boiled egg wif toast--and sez it sounds good to her, which is a big step forward. yesterday, she couldn't even walk past the furridgeamerator wifout cringing!

we sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and we'll be around to visit a little later!


Anonymous said...

We hopes that your Mom starts feeling even better. Happy Boxing Day.

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry your mom's been sick, but it sounds like all of you had the best Christmas ever - lotsa cuddling! We got that yesterday, but the Lady went to work today (even though she's supposed to be on vacation).

cuddles & purrs to my sweet Ed!

Anonymous said...

I do hopes yur Mom feels better soon. My mom gets tummy truble an says she goes on the BRAT diet: Bananananananas, rice, appley sauce, and toast. I say take sum kitty fur an purr therapy!

madd said...

hey Guys..just stopped to see how your Christmas was..am so sorry mom was sick yucky way for her to spend Christmas..at least there was lots of good cuddles aand I am sure all you ppuurrss really helped make her feel better..take care, tell mom I said feel better and i will stop by soon as I get another min!!..oh yes our christmass was great and my kitties, Lucy and Sista had fun with lots of mouses and nip to enjoy..luv ya and lots of nose rub kisses...m