08 February 2007

ed's valentine poem to miss midnight

Sweetest Middie, kitty mine,
Won't you be my Valentine?
Every time we cuddles up,
Eye to eye and fluff to fluff,
Tingles tickle all my toes,
Electric pink my wiggly nose glows!
Soft and plumy, your tail waves
The feline invite catboys crave--
My manly whiskers twitch 'n' wriggle,
I just melt and start to giggle!
Darling sugar, honey-pie,
Dainty goddess, golden-eyed,
I offer you my endless purrs--
Efurrything I have is yours!

(you can see the video featuring this poem at skeezix's vd contest.)
(special thanks to kc & missy's mom for helping mom get me middie's post up in time!!)


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I was just over at the contest blog looking at the wonderful video - I'm overwhelmed! I love the poem and the video was purrfect. I absolutely love it - thank you so much!
love & purrs forever,

Gemini said...

Oh Ed, that's a furry lovely valentine.

Junior said...

That is a wonderful poem!!!!!!