24 July 2007

tabbie toesie (an' a glimpse of tummy) tuesday!

here's our efurr-furry, cranky sisfur, gettin' some quality time on mom's lap.

gramma useta complain about her fuzzy cat's long toe furs, an' could nefurr unnderstand why the poor kitty fought her so hard and drew so much blood while she trimmed 'em. after all, that lectric razor was bran' new an' surely wasn't pullin' the hairs out!

uhhhhh, gramma? noise? you fink maybe it was a little scary for the kitty, haffin' that loud buzzin' thing nibblin' at her toezies while you held her down?

beans. sweartabast.


Gemini said...

Oh you have more furs than even I do!

Daisy said...

I love the fuzzy toe furs!

jcfloresinc said...

Cute! Cuter! Cutest!!! Hey, we love furry toes!!
Your FL furiends,
Samantha & Tigger

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

What wonderfully furry toes you have!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

How cood she complain about da furry toes (and try to shave dem!). Mom loves furry toes, da on dat came before had some reely hairy toes and mom wood kiss her paws alla time.

caricature said...

So furry and floofy...lovely toes :)

The Meezers said...

great fuzzy toes?

seriously, a 'lektrik razor? come on, you're kidding right?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

ooh - looky that fluff! why would someone ever want to trim the paw fluff? it's so cute! we've got some of that, and we'd put the bitey on anyone who tried to cut it.