25 August 2008

!!!NTM is AOK!!!

it is our pleasure to post in honor of not-the-mama today. he is a great guy, loving an' giving, tender an' gentle, an' a push-ofur for kitties. it's kinda funny--you'd think a tiny kitty would haf trouble pushin' ofur a manbean, but nope. our bud mo tumbles for 'em efurry time, an' we wouldn't haf him any ofur way. we's proud to know him!

thanks, Not-The-Mama, for all you do,
an' for all you are.
long may you wave!!


CRIZ LAI said...

We are proud to know him too. He's a gem in the CB. :)


Tybalt said...

Very true! Not the Mama is a great manbean.

Mo and The Purries said...

Aw, thanks y'all!
I'm very honored to be recognized here today, and am so touched by this gesture from the Cat Blogosphere!
Not The Mama

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Yayy furr Not the Mama. He's the tops.