18 November 2008

while mom was in chicago,

grampa had his eyes surgeried, an' the clawcoma pressure's back where it should be, so that's good. but we can't tell yet if the catarak operation did any good acause there's a 7-10 day healing time. mom's not so sure grampa's gonna get through that wifout troubles, acause he's sposdta wear a pirate patch, an' he keeps pullin' it off an' hidin' it in his pocket. so we is just hopin' he don't get no feckshuns. we fanks you all fur your kindly thoughts an' purrs an' purrrayers--they worked really good, acause it's hard to haf an uneventful operation on a bean who's 95 squillion naps old. an' they worked good on gramma, too, acause she din't freak out a lot about the whole deal. mom was almost more worried about that than about grampa!

an' while she was gone, we were each an' efurry one of us furry good, so she brought us goodies frum a furpersons' BOO-TEEK called scratch 'n' sniff (an' told us not to get useta such high-falutin' vittles). (well, they prolly won't let her back in there anyways, since she says she spent the whole time LOLin'.) cocoa went to the day hunting place wif dad efurry day, so she gots the t-shirt woofie cookie that's even gots frostin! the lamb & liver treats are fur anofur day.

we, of course, were our usual mild-mannered selfs, so we got the bonito flakes. but then we got inna fight ofur them when daddy opened the jar. we know why they went missin' at skeezix & mao's house!! we doesn't know what "herrings" are, but mom sez they're chewier than "earrings", so we fink we'll like them. we gets to try them tonight.an' gramma gave mom this really kyoot purse for christmas (acause mom & dad prolly won't be able to visit her then). she allus finds really neat kitty stuff for mom even though she can't use the innernets to shop, so we guesses there must really BE a world outside our virtual one . . . ;-D


The Meezers said...

wow, that's lots of great stuff! we hopes the foods was good!

Dana said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well for the grampa. Tell him to keep that pirate patch on.
Those look like some furry yummy treats!
~The Creek Cats~

Tybalt said...

Mommy says she loves the purse!

Great news about both your grandparents . . . I'll kep my paws crossed that all went well! You all lucked out with getting all the great stuff. I'm just a little bit jealous.

The Island Cats said...

Wow...you guys got some cool stuff there...hope the treats were yummy!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh wow, yoo gots some really good stuffs...mom wants dat purse, she sez da colors would even go wif effurything. We don't fight over da fishy flakes cuz if we do den mom won't give us any more.

Artsy Catsy said...

We're sending big healing purrs to your Grampa for his quick recovery. Our mom had surgery for narrow angle glaucoma and it caused her to have cataracts, but she can't have more surgery until the cataracts get worse. (I don't understand how anything named CATaracts can be a bad thing?)