16 December 2008

does anycat see our sidebar???

if not, does ya gots any clues where it went??? CALL CCSI!!!! HALLLLLLP!!! mom is astreemly provoked!

UPDATE: thanks, dana an' meezer guys!! now all we need is to figger out how it got down there an' how to get it back. any suggestions from the more techie cats or beans??

oh, an' mom sez she's proud of us--the catsmas tree survived its first night. now we'll see what happens during the day! xing sleeps in her room an' cocoa sleeps inna beans' den at night, so things should be more aciting today! ;-D


The Meezers or Billy said...

we sees your sidebar - it's underneath the posts!! how did that happen?

Maggie May said...

Yep, but it is no longer on the side!
~The Creek Cats~

Daisy said...

It went all the way to the bottom! I think that might happen when something in one of your posts is too wide?

ps: Harley and I are going to model that same elf hat later this week! Only the hat is a little too big on me, on account of I have a small head.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It looks fine to us?

Anonymous said...

We dunno how it got down there or what to do about it. We're still waiting for the (formerly) Blonde Girl to help our Lady update our blog. It's still an ancient template and is very ugly. We won't let the Lady do it alone, cuz she tends to screw things up.

Can we come over and help climb that tree tonight? We don't have one ::pout::

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

We luvs your purrty tree!