13 July 2009

your story, please?

what under the canopy do you suppose happened here??????

tell us in 100 words or less, an' win a nip cigar! winner's story to be chosen by getzger the cat. contest closes friday, 17 july.
enquiring minds want to know!!


Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Well, the dog thought the cruiser was a taxi, and she wanted to go uptown, so she hailed the "cab" and saw the deer inside (a handsome boy deer, I might add) she said "Would you be a "deer", and let me join you for a ride uptown, I'd share the fare..."

The Meezers or Billy said...

obviously a case of driving while hunting for tender young jooicy cats to eat.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Shep and Simba were fostered together in the poor section of town. When ma got bad sick and needed medication, the two tried to raise the money for her meds.

Simba bungee jumped off the roof of the 2-story courthouse -- the highest building in town -- while Shep passed the hat among the amazed passerbys. (How many bungee jumping deer have you seen lately?) But Simba's horns accidentally grazed a passing goat. So the two were arrested for panhandling with an assault weapon. Sadly, they were facing a long sentence.

But their arrest photo touched the hearts of the town. Not only was enough money raised for ma's medicine, but the town's leading citizens cried at their hearing and begged the judge to be lenient. So instead of a prison sentence, they were each given community service.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, drat. After we hit send, we counted and we'd passed 100 words. We've done a rewrite. This is their story in 98 words. (We counted in Word.)

Shep and Simba’s foster ma was poor.Ma got sick and needed medication; the two tried to raise the money.

Simba bungee-jumped off the 2-story courthouse roof while Shep passed the hat among awestruck passersby. But Simba's horns grazed a passing goat. So they were arrested for panhandling with an assault weapon. They faced a long sentence.

Their arrest photo touched hearts. Not only was enough money raised for ma's medicine, but the town's leading citizens cried at their hearing and begged the judge to be lenient. So instead of a prison sentence, they were each given community service.

The Crew said...

Gosh, does Skeez know about this?!

OK, here's ours.

"Everyone is familiar with the K-9 force, however one local police department, desperate for new recruits, has decided to accept applications from non-canine species. Handsome, young Buck was the first to apply and here we see him with Officer Shepherd as they start their shift. It is generally agreed that Buck will have to wear a specially fitted, custom made helmet so he doesn't have to ride with his head out the window."

Cory said...

Upon hearing that there were VISHUS deer in the neighborhood, Grete the wonder dog immediately signed up for the police force. The greedy deer, hearing about Jonesies fabulous garden was lured by the flowers and vegies, so in a sting operation, the VISHUS deer was captured by Grete while nibbling on Jonesie's prize peas. When the local paper heard the news, Grete was allowed to pose with the VISHUS deer in the police car.

A parade was held in Grete's honor the following day.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

(This almost be too violent a pickshure... maybe needs a warning label fur tha younger kitties?)

Looks like a horrid Vishus Deer took a nice woofie hostage, hoping fur a big sack of joocy kittens in return.

But Jack (mine hansome boyfurriend cat) came to tha resque along wif Skeezix an Tripper. Jack charged in wif him's faithful sword drawn, an Skeezix an Tripper an Rocky backed him up wif Vishus Deer Repellent. They saved tha day. An tha big sweet woofie.

That's what happened.
Love & Purrs,

Gemini and Ichiro said...

ACK! They've got the cat burglar patrol out!!!

Anonymous said...

Dog said, "Rudy, I told you the red light should be on the back!"

Parker said...

...In a bold move to capture and subdue famed catnip thief Alowishus "HeHadFishes" Fennington, local law enforcement has asked the renowned team of Sid Vishus and Barney Shepfife to cruise the mean streets of the suburbs and bring Mr. Fennington to justice. The public is asked to twitter any tips to - twitterATvishusstupiddeeranddogcan'tfigureouthowtogetoutofthebackseatofthecruiserDOTcom...

Peggy's Place said...

"I told you they wouldn't understand our kind of love, we should have stayed home."

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

It was a sad day at the Furr City Police Dept. when the news broke. Celebrated K-9 officer Ben was arrested with his long time friend Klyde when both failed to obey the “No Animals on Foot” traffic signs posted on a stretch of Tennessee’s I-40 highway. Klyde’s lawyer tells us he will be fighting the charges since his client was clearly on hoof , and not foot.