10 May 2010

manbean likes kitteh!!!

this german weatherman is a NICE man!!


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh what a TREAT to see! Thank you for posting this,

Is all well there, you beans?

The Meowers from Missouri said...

yes, thank'ee admiral, we are quite well, as are our beans. although mom's still very, very bummed about the delay in her laser eye surgery. REALLY bummed! hasta wait until 4th july to find out whether she'll be able to haff it or not. if not, how she feels today is NOTHING compared to how bummed she'll be then.

an' we musta scairt off efurryone who read our bloggie when we said, "we'll post again". we finks they thought we were goin' away; we just meant we was busy!! so we're bummed, too.

thanyew fur readin' an' carin' 'bout us all!!

purrs, the meower fambly

Everycat said...

That was such a sweet little clip. We like the way Lupin nuzzled the man's beard too.

Hope your Mom can get that surgery. Waitin' for stuff like that is a giant bummer. But do try and keep her off the nip whilst she waits. It just won't help if she's nipped off her face

Whicky Wuudler