19 September 2010

we sails today

(an' our furst official act will be to keelhaul th'autopost function!)
yarrrrrr, me hearties!!! heed me, all four-leggers, two-leggers, fliers, an' crawlers within th'sound o'me voice – whether ye be aboard our good ship the cat o'nine tails or ye be gathered on other vessels here in the mightiest piratecat flotilla ever: be welcome!!

i be yer ’umble cap’n, mao fang,

an’ these scallywags be yer crew:

nitro the nasty

xing the slice

an' igmu the irascible. note ye well that last year’s scrawny cabinkitt has done some growin’ an’ be now a full member o’the ship’s company. he be our lookout inna crow's nest, an' we be proud to say he been a-practicin'. his eyes be as sharp as his claws, an' the crewmembers attest to that!

oh, all right, we be kiddin'; here he be in his akshul post:

::doffs his headgear:: on a most sombre note, we regrets t'state that this has again been a sad summer 'mongst our comradely band, an' many of our furriends haff sailed off t’the rainbow bridge ahead of us. let us all hang our heds an’ droop our tails in their mem’ries for a moment, whilst we 'members them in their best days. ::sound of crickets and blowing wind::

::hat on:: we dedicates this day to them!

now, ye know well that piratin’ be an exhaustin’ manner o’earnin’ yer livin’, an' sorrow be terrible wearin' on the soul. in truth, i be cravin’ a bit o’time spent leisurely-like, an' so today the cat (an' us cats) shall sail to a beauteous island where we has no cares an’ no worries.

we has a true-drawn map an' a trusty crew. what say ye—will ye follow an' share in our revelry?

then let's away!!!! ::chains rattle, the sheets fill in a spanking breeze, and the fleet moves stately towards the open sea. voices are heard:

It's our time to go now,
: Haul away your anchor:
It's our sailing time.

Get some sail upon her
: Haul away your halyards :
It's our sailing time.

Get her on her course now
: Haul away your fore sheet :
It's our sailing time.

below, ye'll find the finest o'amenities available to ye--

soft beds an' couches

tasty food fur cat, woofie, birdie, er bun,

an' libations both intoxicatin' an' mild--

hoist a flagon t'yer neighbor an' enjoy yersel's.

::time passes, the rigging creaks, the kitties feast, drink, chase up and down the masts, and nap a bit::

::igmu:: ahoy, cap'n!! the island be dead ahead!! ::cats rush helter-skelter to the rails; a few, who have never gained their sea legs, appear a bit greenish but game . . . ::

::the ships heave to (as do some greenish kitties), and boats make way to the warm, inviting beach::

ahhhh. stretch yer legs, me buckos an' buckettes. there be huts like unto those ahead scattered all ofur the isle. these be our homes fur th' day an' evenin'.choose which ye will, therein be all manner o' luxuries, includin' a welcome basket for each o'ye. by the bye, bear in mind that the comfort stations bear a passin' resemblance to yer hutso be sure there be no confusion in yer minds as to which be which, or we be losin' the clean-up deposit!

within thy huts again be more toothsome delicacies laid out for ye in the way o' food an' drink,

an' amusements aplenty awaitin':

there be an eating competition scheduled for th' noon meal, a six-legged race an' lectronic games for the kits, an' an under-the-door-limbo competition early this evenin'.

there also be pig racin', for yer wagerin' pleasure. we still be seekin' volunteer jockies.

the losin' mount will be guest of honor at the luau later! for the venturesome, we has a small fast boat ready fur those what may fancy a bit o'spray in their faces. (yes, there be cats what don't mind the wet, an' we hopes they takes the oppertunity to revel in it!) late this evenin' there will be illuminations an' bonfires, which ye may watch from the safety o'the ship or from yer hut, dependin' on yer degree o'distain fur loud noises.

then shall we be shephered by morpheus to our well-deserved rest, an serenaded by th'soft murmur o' th' tide. on the morrow, tarry yet a while if ye will--there be breakfast in bed for all who savor such! we thanks ye each an' all fur the sharin' o'th' day, an' hopes the memories will keep ye warm on such cold nights as come.

by th'Pow'rs, we o'th' cat o'nine tails bid ye all adieu, an' wish ye a fair wind an' a followin' sea where an' whenefur ye go.


Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Aye, we be ready t' share your ad'entures today Meowers from Missouri!, gar!
Cap'n Bette Snaggletooth, Mast Hugger Jackie and Legless Walt Blythe

The Island Cats said...

We be joinin' ye on yer ship and partakin' o' that bounty!! Arrrrr!!!

Mad Blacbeard Wally, Evil Neck Snapper Ernie and the Bloody Princess of Death Zoey

Father Tom said...

I be willin' to be on one of the piggies, ahhrrrrr to run the race later. Ahhh, but a splendid day ahead. Must go--avast ye mateys, save a little sushi for this holy man!!

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

We be here t' sail wi' ye on the Cat O' Nine Tails! And we bringed ye a new cabinkitt what can also scramble up t' mast with t' best o' them! Ye can even keep him t' clean out yer bilge after t'day. Though we don't know that ye be wishin' to when ye see how full o' mischiefs he be!

~One Eyed Jack!

Daisy said...

You always have the very, very best celebration here! I especially enjoyed the seafood buffet. Thanks for inviting us!

It's our sailing time, it's our sailing time, it's our sailing time!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Ahoy there! We b' sailin' alongside yer ship to join yer flotilla! We brought a barrel of RUM wi' us, to toast the memories of those Rainbow Bridge Angels.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What a mighty fine pirate crew you have!! As always,the best place to end our plunderin activities and share the apoiles :)
We remember those that are absent and welcome all newcomers.
There will be many great times at this party!!!
YAR!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

The Paw Relations said...

Arr! This be a mighty fine shindig ye be puttin' on for ye mateys!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Arr--that's a pirate spread I can sink my teeth into.

Eric and Flynn said...

Garrrrhh. Us be honoured to be sailing alongside the Cat o' Nine Tails once again in our trusty ship the Ginger Furball. That be a fine spread you be providing the likes of which we never saw before. We doff our hats in memory of those fine piratecats who have gone ahead to the Bridge, and now we drink a toast to them wi' a cup o' grog.

Father Tom said...

I'm back and I be havin' a glorious time, I am.
Mateys, it's time te loosen me swashbuckle after stuffin' meself!
I'm so embarrassed, but me thinks I lost me peg leg somewhere near the relief station. Reward if found!

Meowers, ye have outdone yerself! Many thanks for yer hospitality on this fantastic trip!

Luna T. Katt said...

ahoy! thar be a fine lookin crew! Ye should come by and set sail wif us yarrrr ye be havin a pawsome adventur here fangs fur sharin' yarrrrr

The Meezers or Billy said...

HEY! someone help me take these eye patches off ::thud:: i keeps falling down!! I wants to ride a pig!!! - Nicky

wildcatwoodscats said...

We be leavin' our vess'l behind fer yurs - it be a bit more tolerable!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ahoy, Cat o'Nine Tails! Ahoy! We pirates of Madison tire of sailin deese silly lakes an will gladly board yur ship fur adventurin on da high seas! Villainous Victor an Nina Redclaw be at yur service, Cap'n. We bring kegs o' blue grog in exchange fur passage. Arrrrr!

Willow said...

I be so thrilled t' be ridin' th' waves on th' Cat O' Nine Tails again this year!

Hearty Purrrrrrrrrs,
Willow th' Wicked

China Cat said...

I be ready for adventure wit' ye scallawags! Let's board th' Cat O' Nine Tails and be off!

Hearty Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

AttieCattie said...

avast, ye kittehs! what a day!!!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are so sad that we missed Meow like a pirate day - but as we are getting caught up we are just loving all the posts! We had to thank you for coming up with it - our mom always loved Talk like a Pirate day and it is great us kitties got to participate too (well, we would have if mom hadn't been so bad!)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We ran out of time to join in MLAP Day but it's been real fun visiting those of you who did! Our momma says your pirate ship looks more like a Carnival Cruise and she'd like that!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow! What a great day you had! Arrggghhh!

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

You guys sure know how to throw a good PAWty! The ham, well, what can anyone say about ham other than it is WONDERFUL and we could eat it AND ride it - how cool is that!

Harry Spotter said...

Arrr. we b ready to join your fine crew and party till the wee hours. you sure know how to throw a party mate.

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