04 August 2011

thursday treasure hunt

boys? BOYS! BOYS!!
there's nothing in there for you.
yeah, that's what you allus sez.
and there never IS anything, IS there?
but it smells like noms!
we don't keep the noms there any more, since you two burglars discovered how to pick open the door.
ed, that wasn't very nice, letting the door slam on iggy's paw. what do you say now?
ahem; i don't think iggy heard you.
yeah, i did. he said if i hadn't been foolin' wif the door, you woodn'ta efurr heard us an' we coulda got the noms out wifout you knowin'.
but there ARE NO NOMS, you leather-headed little cuss!
yeah, that's what you allus sez 
i feel a headache coming on ...


The Meezers or Billy said...

::snerk:: MOL. good job guys!!!

The Florida Furkids said...

Did you find the noms????

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Fuzzy Tales said...

Hahaha! We know where the noms are in our house, of course, but we can't the door open. Rats! Good luck on finding where your food is now stored!

Brian said...

I say it's worth checking...ya never know!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Keep trying boys. You never know, there may have been some left at the back of the cupboard.

Willow said...

Hire a treasure hunter to uncover the noms as they would be able to bring in the booty.

Ellen Whyte said...

MOL< cat burglars!

Kwee Cats said...

You guys bee so funny! We wuz you tracking down them nom noms!

We hope the headache better now.

Photo Cache said...


Mama changed the locastion of our noms too :)

Emma and Buster

meowmeowmans said...

MOL! Good job, guys. You never know what might be in there, right? Our Sammy is *always* doing that!

Forever Foster said...

Hahaha! Our mum had to put our noms up in a high cupboard to stop Suey's break and enter efforts. Thank you for coming by our blog and purring for our tabbyman :)

GreatGranny said...

MOL, You smart boys. Wait 'til the hoomans go to bed. Mom says y'all are so cute raiding the cabinets, encouraging.
xoxo Kassey