27 October 2011

mommer's little helper

i haf been furry valuable to mommer this week--TWICE, already!

(1)  i gotted the furst mousie of the season an' displayed it prominently
inna liffin-room floor so she could see it first thing. 
she was suitably impressed, although more with the prominent display
(so she din't step onnit) than the actual deed. (at least, i fink that's what
EWWWWWWfercrissakes! means.)
(2) i helped her sort out auntie rose's hankie collection, a really big job.
she started sortin' by folded size, then tried sortin' by subjeck matter, 
then by edgin', an' finely jus' plain giffed up.
s'awright wif me; they's comfy no matter WHAT order they's in!

Mommer speaks:  Nitro, I see you're not mentioning the incident where you reached up to whap XingXing while she was sitting on my lap, and you miscalculated, stabbing my hand bad enough that daddy had to bring me ice to kill the pain and keep the swelling down, and where there is now a large bruise.

(3) i was jus doin' my job keepin' her onner toezies. i'm sorry yer hand
gotted inna way, mommer. but really, she needed whappin'.  besides,
ain't you allus tellin' us we needs good "puncturation"?
that WAS a good 'un!


Random Felines said...

you are such a big help Nitro.

Mom laughed at the whapping comment. Cloud was on her lap last night and Tommy reached down to whap him and mom almost had a baby kitteh tornado in her lap!! MOL

Admiral Hestorb said...

Had to laff...just had to.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Puncturation! Hahameow! That is a purrfect word fur it.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Nitro, you're too funny. However, you need to be careful attacking the hand that feeds you.


GreatGranny said...

Mom laughed out loud at such a kitty scene...mol
xoxo Kassey