23 October 2014

ed is NOT helping

ok, this is why we din't haff a post yesserday. that, an' mommer hadda haul xing to the v-e-t acause she was barfin' LOTS more than usual. turns out she is a walkin' hairball; the vettie compared it to washin' the woofie inna bafftub an' while somma the hairs go down the drain, ofur hairs just swirl around the plughole an' prefent the rest of the hairs goin' down. 

so mommer hasta feed her butter (hey! WE could take somma that action!) for a coupla days, onna counta the vettie sez that it sweeps the hairs through the poophole more better than just reg'lar hairball meddysin. but too much is not good, so only for two days an' then back to that yummy malt-flavered stuff. 

an' then the vettie sticked her inna haunch wif a needle fulla don't-throw-up meddysin' an' she tried to put the bitey onnim. that made her back up into the needle harder, an' she stuck herself good. she was furry squally an' hissy ofur that, but it serves her right for not bein' good!

mommer is goin' on poop patrol furry frequently, but no results yet. at least xing's stopped barfin'!


pilch92 said...

Hope all is well sooon. I never thought of butter as a laxative- several of my kitties like some of my butter in the morning from my waffles. http://15andmeowing.com

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

aiieee...poor baby! Paws crossed she is feeling better this week end

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no! That was not a good idea backing into that needle Xing. I hope you get that yucky furball pooped out very soon.