04 December 2014

it's catsmas time outside!

okay, mommer usually makes a big fuss about not decoratin' for catsmas until december 6 (st nicholas's day), but last weekend it was 72 degrees on saturday an' 68 on sunday, wif sleet/ice and 30 for a high on monday, wif a krappy week thereafter. considerin' it's december an' it ain't likely there will be two such nice days onna weekend again between now an' catsmas, she let her inhibitions crumble an' went to work on the outside.

our sisfur-in-law, leslie, made us the pretty wreath several years ago. it even jingles a little when you open the door!

you kin see the lantern wif the santa bow flickerin' at the right of the moovey at the bottom of our post. an' you kin see it peekin' out frum behint the japanese maple inna picture onna right, below.

even the crabapple trees got some bling:

 an' fank bast, the porch pets Xena an' Leo got the costumes again!


she persuaded (!) daddy to help out on sunday, an' he putted up the lights:

we are furry proud of how our house looks all catsmassy! now, if she'd just get started onna tree inside ... but she sez that will not be until sunday, maybe. an' it's gonna haf a room all to itself, so we kin only bisit it unner her snoopervision acause she hasn't found a way to anchor it to the ceiling. we are furry insulted to find out she finks we would climb it an' cause mass destruction!! *hmpf*


Vanessa Morgan said...

Beautiful decorations. Have a lovely Thursday.

wildcatwoods said...

Everything looks so festive!

Cats of wildcat woods

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Concats to your Mom on all her hard work. It looks great!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

your decorations look meowvelous!

pilch92 said...

Mom did a great job ( your dad too). I love the wreath, very pretty.

Ellen in Oregon said...

Your pawrents have gone full on festive with the Chrissy-mouse decoratin'. It looks great. We love the bling on the crabapple tree & thought the porch pets were real at first glance. Now why would anyone think you kitties would were capable of damagin' a delicate Chrissy-mouse tree? Maybe if they hook the tree to the ceiling, you guys could climb the tree and figure out how it make the whole thing swing around with all the lights on - wouldn't that be a lotta fun?

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Your decorations are lovely and the lights look very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow dat's very purretty. We just luv Christmas lights. Can't wait to see da twee.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi