15 September 2006

our She is just silly

edmund sez:

y'know, She has this picture as her screensaver, both at work and at home.

criminentalies! why not a picture of us?? or one of us, at least? or one each, alternating weeks? what a sappy-lookin' guy. She just sighs and giggles whenever She sees it, then goes around smiling for a while, like after She sees skeezix's birthday hat picture. we don't mind that at all; HE'S a great guy, and at least he's a real cat--what's the big whoop about senor pussycat?

burns my tailfeathersfur every time i think about it. do YOUR beans make the "oooooooo ahhhhhhhh so cute" *giggle* noises for this guy? can anykitty know what goes on in their heads?


Anonymous said...

The woman finds the eyes scary on those. I guess she prefers the real thing but with me around, you know, it's hard not to. I'm surprised though that any good cat owner would coo over anything other than the real thing.

Hot(M)BC said...

Nope, no cat can figure out what goes on in their heads.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha I guess you saw the poster in my bedroom in the picture. I love this poster and the movie. It makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

our Lady, the Blonde Girl, the Allergic Girl AND the Quiet Girl ALL adore that little guy, but nobuddy has his pic-shure on their 'puter yet. BUT, you know what's worse? rite now the Lady has a pic-shure of Cecilia's kitty, Mrs. B, on her 'puter! Mrs. B is our furrend an all, but really!

Meowers from Missouri said...

grr, midnight & cocoa: WHAAAAAAT? how dast she? you better make her see the light!

*tsk tsk tsk* *shaking hind foot*


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

my mama admits when she was working she had a picture of MAX for her background. She didn't ask to do it, but she said it was such a cute picture, she couldn't resist. Max would shudder at that!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

ooopps, that's little KC typing up there. Was going to say, I remember that photo from Mrs. B & Bubbles house -- Cecilia.