13 January 2007


meower mom sez:

ice. oh, yeah. whatever you've seen on the weather channel about southwest missouri in the ice storm is probably true--and the reality is probably even worse. i'm writing this from tom's store on the southwest edge of springfield. up on the northwest side, we went off the power grid about 8:50 last night, and we're not back yet. our kid's on the east side, also with out power, nor does his girlfriend house, so we expect them over at our place later, where at least it's warm. i guess we can play UNO by lamplight. the inlaws are o.k. my workplace is without power; we drove by and the lines to the building were sagging within an inch of the ground. but not that it matters--there were NO buildings with power between our home and my work.

except for fact that buildings are still standing, you would think this was a war zone. torn trees everywhere. there were 3 places east of us on our street with trees or big limbs in the street. and 2 places to the west. people were out with chainsaws by 7:30 this morning.

our morning paper (delivery of which is a testament to a driver who evidently took the postal letter carrier's oath) said that 50,000 were without power, but by the look of the tour we made to get here, i'd have to believe that was FAR below the reality.

anyway, even if we're without power for a couple of days, we won't starve. got lots of peanut butter and crackers;-) and thanks g*d, a wood stove, oil lamps, and candles! this is an inconvenience for us, but disaster for so many who did not (or could not) get out beforehand to buy supplies, and who depend on electricity for heat. our shelters are filling up. please pray for all those who are without--and especially for those who for whatever reason live outdoors, both 2-legged and 4-legged.

now that tom's had his coffee fix, we're going to get out of here and back home before much longer . . . the roads (once you've got past the downed trees and lines) are not even slick, just wet. but that will change, now that it's been in the 20s for a considerable amount of hours.

i will blog the whole story (with pictures, even!) when we are back on power, but since it is beginning to rain again (and it's only 28 degrees), and another inch of ice is forecast for today--and sleet, ice, and snow for tomorrow. lovely; simply lovely. great weather for polar bears.

hope y'all are having better weather than we are! see you online soon, i hope!! i think i'll sign off with those immortal words of Mr. Red Green:

keep yer stick on the ice! (not a problem here, red!)


KC said...

o, my, you alls keep warm and snug, it kinda sounds like fun to be iced in wif peanut butter 'n crackers ... wish i coulds share wif u's, we's grilled outside... it be 80 degrees F. tomorry we get some cold weffer too.

we's lookin forwards to tha pickshures...

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Oh wow. We are glad you have a wood stove to keep you warm. My parents used to have one of those. Keep safe and warm.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

whoa. ice an cold efurryware? it wuz 60 in the room where we sleeps wif the Lady this morning an we thot that wuz cold.

do you have enough Temptations and nip? we'll get some to you if you don't

cuddles and purrs to my sweetie Ed

Daisy said...

Take care! I am a little worried about you.

Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

Be safe!! It 'sposed to snow lots here in Iowah tonight and tomorrow so we'll say prurryers for all of us in the middle of the country in the midst of this storm!!

Can't wait to see pictures! the Mom that Lives Here is taking some today too.


Fat Eric said...

Eeeek! That sounds furry cold and scary. You will have to snuggle up and keep warm. It is nothing like that here in London - mild like March, bulbs coming up, very windy and rainy.

momsbusy said...

we will be purrayins fur yus. mommees said ice is ferry dane-gerr-us. peas be fery careful whens yu go outside.

we will be rootin fur nitro to beat the socks off eferryone in uno. kimiko & yuki.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Hi, we're in St. Louis and have the same big ice storm. We haven't got the second wave yet but we are staying inside tonight! Thankfully we still have power here! And there is a lot of cat chow in the house!

China Cat & Willow

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Ack! That sounds like a wicked storm. Stay warm and safe. We'll send good, warm thoughts to you and keep those without power & food in our prayers.
Xing lu, nels, nitro and ed, be sure to divy the Temptations and nip pury carfully. You don't want to run out!

Max said...

Oh man, keep warm. The Woman says she empathizes, after having gone throguh the Grand Forks ND blizzard of '97 that knocked out power for lotsa days, when they were so stupid they didn't even have a candle to keep some light with and keep warm by.

Paws crossed that all is all right!

brandi said...

Mama said that was one of the things she doesn't miss about Missouri. January ice storms! We just have cold here. I mean COLD! It's eleben now! It was four yesterday!

Take care, stay warm, and mama really sympathizes with you guys.

The power went out here for several days a couple of summers ago. I think I would rather have it off in the winter. Blankies and mamas are good things. We lost all our food in the freezer back then.... All we would have to do here is put it in the window!

elanimmo@comcast.net said...

And here I complain when we get four hours of snow! Bad me!

Luxor's Mom

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Sorry to hear the you all have lost your lectric, we are glad that we didn't get the ice like they thought we would. Hope is thaws fast.