11 January 2007

we're still here!

nitro sez:

mom's been drefful busy at work lately, so we has been pretty scarce around these parts. let's do a quick catch-up:

xingxing's scabbies and fleasers are all gone, an' she's tapering off the medication. the boo-boo on her lip is almost gone, too! an' mom's found out that xing really LIKES being handled and brushed or combed. luna sent a brush in xing's secret paw package, and that's her favorite! but g*d forbid one of us boys should try to groom her--there'd be new scabs, and not on her!

ed is relentless in his pursuit of nip. mom caught him tryin' to jimmy open the cabinet door where she hides it. he was read the miranda, but it din't really worry him much. i caught him doin' it again after she left for work! right now, he's sittin' infront of the computer face, staring at xing where she's tryin' to be unobtrusive in the bookcase. mom can't see the screen at all.

nelson's doin' fine on his glucosamine supplement, an' mom thinks his spindly little bee-hine is maybe fillin' in a bit, since he's moving around a bit more. we guesses that's because it doesn't hurt quite so much. he's even gotten into the tinsel-wand play in the evening.

and speaking of the tinsel wand--xingxing has started to play with it! a lot. she has nefurr played with ANYTHING before! and she'll even jump after it if I am already playing with it!! maybe that means someday we'll be furriends. i sure wish so; i want to play all the time, and nokitty will oblige me. just that clunky dawg who smooshes me in her efforts to be friendly.

ofurrwise, there's not been much goin' on here--mom and dad works hard all day, and dad's puttin' in some extra hours to get ready for the yearly home show. his work is selling plumming. (we thought for a long time that he sold fruit, but now we know it means the tubes that the cool water we drink comes from!) mom sez she's a minion; we kinda thought that was the vegetubble we can't eat (funny how we relates efurrything to food;-) but she's really a helper who types and prints and phones stuff for a man named jeff. they make puters at her work, but she doesn't do that part.

efurry day, we are remembering all those kitties and dawgs and beans among us who needs help and healing--we purrs an' purrrays regular for them all. an' for all of us who don't SAY they needs help, too. an' for all of us who is doin' OK, even!! we loves our furriends, and hopes the furry best for each an' all.


Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

We are glad to hear Xingxing's boo-boos are getting better.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Sounds like things are going well at your house even if everybody's too busy. So, Xingxing is now playing and letting herself be petted. Maybe she made some new year's resolution's like Daisy Mae Maus' Feline American Pumpkin. He now lets himself be petted.


Lux said...

Just want to stop in and say hi to you all! Sounds like your mom needs a vacation!

Yr friend,

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Mum nearly choked on her tea when she read your Mum's job description. She says it's bettter to be below the radar, whatever THAT means. She said her career's been slumping since she had to give up the Winged Monkeys...
We're so glad thing are going well for our Missouri friends.
take care!

Cheysuli said...

Yes it does sound like you have quite a bit going on. One of these days it will calm down, or not.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Tinsel wand?? WHERE?? Sorry..my desire to play takes over. Sounds like you guys are really really busy. That happens to the Lap Lady a lot and I miss her.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady just gotted all 'cited that yur dad's a plummer. she's got her eye on a big big big howse in upstate new york an it wuz bilt in 1850 an has 10 bedrooms an 8 bafrooms an 3 stories an a good foundashun an a good roof an stuff but needs rehab an the nummer one thing she would need is a plummer. it's on an acre an is only 74 thousand bucks an she wants it real bad. (in cally4kneeya the lowest price howse in our nayburrhood is 550 thousand an so we can't buy here) hmmm...a plummer!

Purrs and cuddles to Ed - hope you get that nip! If you don't feel free to come over and I'll break out our stash!

Eric and Flynn said...

Yup yoo all sound bizzy where yoo are. Owr mum's been too bizzy wiv the horsies the past week an she hasn't let us haf hardly enny blogging time. We told her we gotta visit owr frends blogs cuz we won't no what's going on uvverwise.