18 January 2007

insult to injury

(the kitties promise to phone in a Thursday Thirteen after they wake up a bit)

Yesterday's headline: "Recovery Begins!"
Today's headline: "Pace of restoring power will slow, City warns". big whoop. how can no progress get slower? i was so peevish upon reading that, i forewent reading the rest of the article, lest i declare an amok and run about with a kris between my teeth.

and btw, i must mention our newspaper carrier, kenny, who has delivered a paper every single day throughout this whole wretched time! kudos!! unlike the "neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night" guys, who finally showed up about 5:30 yesterday for the first time.

i am so frustrated, i feel like max the psychokitty: i wanna bite things!!!! no targets better present themselves within' chompin' range, that's all i can say.

and from our local on-line version of the one professional TV station in town:

Watch for falling water drops today... and trees and power lines, too. As the Ozarks fencerows and ornamentals begin to lose the hundreds of pounds of ice they're holding... the urban forests will try to right themselves, adding another tug to stressed pole and power lines. I wouldn't be surprised to see more outages as a result of the movement today. There's also a breeze. The Westerlies have been a bit gusty this morning, and while that's adding to the warm up... it's also adding stress to the icy situation. Highs this Thursday will warm into the mid to upper 30s under heavy clouds.

Just when the melting begins... signs of another winter storm is on the horizon!

For Southern Missouri, look for 3 to 6 inches of snow. In Northwest Arkansas, snow may be the predominant type of precipitation... but East of Eureka Springs to Harrison, the mixture could include rain, changing to freezing rain... then to sleet, perhaps ending with some snow.

Light snow showers and flurries will continue into Sunday... with flakey leftovers continuing on Monday.

as cap'n jack sparrow would say, "oh, bugger."


The Tower Hill Mob said...

hang in there, folks. For you, spring is around the corner. Up here, we can still get snow in late April.
BTW, it's called 'cabin fever' and it's cured with a hot sunny day spent working in the yard.
Love to the four-legs.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Sorry to hear this. Believe me... we know how much bad weather can make you feel - well - bad.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

maybe the weather people should just say "it sucks, and it's gonna keep on sucking"