06 January 2007

secret paw joys, part 1!

nitro hears the delivery truck pull into the driveway!

ahhhhh! riches beyond measure!

enjoying the first taste of fev-vers!

well-loved fev-vers!

ed's favorite part of nitro's s.p.--he's a glue & tape sniffer! (is yer mom missin' some tape, yuki?)

what a beautiful package xing got from luna--decorated front and back with sparkly stickers!!

an' miss luna was so kind as to include some nougat candy (yum!), and a pretty fan for meower mom--it has a map of the part of spain where luna lives! mom has it displayed in her studio between castanets from puerto rico and cuba.

we doesn't have a fireplace, but we gots a mantle! you may see your card there, but if not, there were lots of ofurr cards on our bookshelves!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Ed - didja know Skeezix has a tape fetish also? Maybe we should explore the joys of tape too. Looks like you all had great Secret Paws!

cuddles and kisses to Ed from Midnight

Daisy said...

Wow, you guys got some really good presents! I liked watching your movies too!

Eric and Flynn said...

yoo all had grate sekrit Paw pakkijs, an the video wuz good too.