06 January 2007

secret paw joys, part 2!!

nitro whips up on the fev-ver wand he got in his secret paw box from yuki. when mom & dad got tired of holding it for him, he proudly dragged it all ofurr the house! and then the next day, the fev-ver thingy wasn't on it anymore. the jingle bell still is, so we hadda snap on the tinsel thingy to the string, and now he's playin' wif that. we dunno what happened to the fevvers. he worked 'em over really hard and they were showin' their age (1 day!) when last sighted. we din't find any crunched remains, so we don't think cocoa ate it; maybe he hid it for later, or hockeyed it under the frijamerator!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

didja eat the fev-vers? yum! those wands is lotsa fun!

momsbusy said...

mommees wuz wonderin where her tape went. at least ed liked it. wow nitro really liked his fevver toy! we wonders where the fevvers went? iffens yus finds it let us know unless it was hockeyed unner the big cold box. ewww!

yuki & kimiko

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You look very athletic Nitro! Is that wand one of those 'Da bird brand wands? If it is, you can get replacement fevvers for it.