19 March 2009

i am mortified!!


samantha & tigger an' us4 was right! my rotten, no-good brofurs finally asplained about a "pear" anna "pair". they hooted an' hollered an' teased alla time they were asplainin'. those boycats are coarse, coarse, coarse!!

WHY would My Mama think i would even WANT such things???? they just gets lopped offa boycats, anyway, so how much could they haf to do with bein' brave?? i finks their portance must be vastly overrated. lotsa boycats AN' girlcats are brave an' haf adventures, so i don't see the connection at all. My Mama sez there are lotsa mysteries that are not meant to be solved. maybe this is one of them.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You're right, they are over rated. We haven't had ours for a long,long time and mum sez we are a pair of brave ruffty, tuffty boys.

The Meezers or Billy said...

huh, we doesn't think that they has anyfing to do wif bravery eifur

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Brothers! You go ahead and smack 'em Xing, if they're bein' boogery! And smack 'em again for laughing at you!

And you don't need a pair anyway, if you're brave enough to smack!


Karen Jo said...

You are right about those boycats being coarse. I don't see what they have to do with bravery, either. I think that this may just be one of those mysteries that are never solved.

The Cat Realm said...

Upps - sorry, now I am laughing too - I didn't mean it!!!
I wouldn't worry - you don't need a pair! You are perfect the way you are!
And come to think of it - I lost my pair a long time ago and I too am perfect the way I am!!!