25 December 2011

merry catsmas--frum our howse to yers!

(igmu: why does I allus hafta be the bad guy--first "igor" on meyowlloween, an' now a MOUSE!?!? these dratted red contact lenses hurt!!)
(nitro: the trooth hurts, don't it, "bad guy"??! *hahahaha*)
(ed: well, y'know, black cats haf been associated wif the ebil basement cat fur a long time. but at least yer the mouse KING.)
(igmu:  i AIN"T a mouse! an' i ain't ebil--i'se just high-spirited!)
(nitro: you better not be; you KNOW what i does to mouses!!)
(ed: "high-spirited", yeah, that's a good one. YOU'RE why we don't haf a catsmas tree!!)
(xing:  HEY, you rotten boycats!!! it's CATSMAS, fur ceilin' cat's sake!!! can't you be nice to each ofur ONCE inna while??? [aside: do you wonder that i lif by myself in my own suite? honestly.])

Anyway, Meowy Catsmas, y'all!!

wait! wait! me, too!!!

(*sigh* oh, all right ... )

what? WHAT?  mommer said a nutcracker costume ... she din't specify what costume!


Brian said...

I hope y'all had a Merry Little Christmas!!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Looks like you had a dressy Christmas. Hope it was a good one.

Ikaika said...

Well that was truly a Nutcracker SWEET!!! Happy Holidays to all you Meowers in Missouri from us in Cali!

'Kaika, Tanith, Stella, Midnight, Blackie and Miss Kitty

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Belated Merry Christmas to you!

The Island Cats said...

Better late than never! We hope you all had a very Meowy Christmas!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Tell the Mommy better late than nefur! Glad you had a Merry Christmas. Great post. xoxo

Ellen Whyte said...

Meowy Catmus to you too. And wishing you a Happy Healthy Fun-Filled Prosperous New Year!

Just Ducky said...

Happy New Year.