18 August 2014

Belated but beloved!

so. black cat appreciation day, eh? mommer sez we is belated but beloved. what duz THAT mean? to us, it just means she was too lazy to make a post!

what duz black cat appreciation day mean, ennyhoo? mommer & dad sez we has black cat appreciation day efurry day around here, but we don't belief that. ofurwise we'd be gettin' extra treats efurry day, an' it's a lucky day when we gets ANY at all. we happens to know (by snoopervisin' unner the door) that xing gets treats efurry day!!! mommer sez that's acause she feels sorry for xing acause she hasta liff all by herself becuz of her evil temper errrr, extreme skittishness. all's i know is, she's furry hissy.
can you tell us apart? (no cheetin' an' lookin' up at the header!) sometimes mommer an' dad can't, an' just yell "dammit" all willy-nilly. if you looks careful, you kin see that iggy hafs white hairs in his ears, an' i don't (me is dammit!) also, iggy hafs a fat face *WHAPPO* OW! ok, a "fuller" face, an' mine is more simeezey. iggy calls me trianglehead, but i don't care. it's better than punkinhead. *WHAPPO* OW! i'm gonna get you fer that, iggypunkinhead! *ZOOMMMMMMMMMMM* (THoE begins--lookout fer yer bald haid, daddy--yer right inna middle of the straightaway!!)


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Course you should have had extra treats yesterday. I can tell you apart. Dammit Jim, you look like you've got a shorter sleeker coat too.

Mickey's Musings said...

We think you kitties all deserve treats "just because" !
We bet your Mom and Dad appreciate toy two black cats ;) heehee
Oh yeah, our Auntie has one of those squirrel proof feeders you showed in another post. Squirrels are smart and they sometimes figure it out. It will make for great entertainment!
Sorry we cannot help you turn it into a snack bar though :/
That would be nice ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

meowmeowmans said...

Yes, you should have got LOTS of extra treats yesterday.

We have two black kitties here, too. Their personalities are very different, and Zoe has a thinner tail than her sister Gracie. :)

Everycat said...

Hey James, the word "fat" is not really in the kitty dictionary, the term to use, to avoid a whap around the chops is "well muscled"

More treats to stay well muscled!