21 August 2014

what is it wif yung cats these days? they just don't respect their olders. lookit me; i'se a oldguycat, an' i can't even take a snooze wifout someone crowdin' in on me. why, if i hadna had that last fat cat ale at lunch wif the neighborcat, i'd get up an' whup nitro's butt but good. right now, though, i feel kinda ... i dunno, full maybe. maybe i'll nap a bit an' be all refreshed an' get up in a while an' teach that whippersnapper some mann... . *GZNORKT*


Hannah and Lucy said...

Edmund take a nap but no more ale today or you'll be as drunk as a skunk.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like you might have had one ale too many Ed. I'm more interested in what you are sitting on. (Not Nitro, but I can see Bums upside down.)

Katie Isabella said...

You tell 'em...you tell 'em!!

Everycat said...

You know Ed, it's sometimes ok to just chomp a big orange bum when it almost sits on top of you

Just a gentle chomp, works wonders