14 August 2014


(we left our tale yesterday wif us boycats tryin' not to asplode ... )

it was LONG past our suppertime, alla the windows had turned dark, an' finely mosta the humans slowly trickled out the front door. it got quieter an' quieter, an' only a couple of 'em were left. of cawse, they were sittin' onna couch, an' we din't dare come out even then. one of them kept pokin' down the back of the sofa at dammitjim acause she said she LIKED black kittehs. effidently mommer an' daddy knowed the ofur lady fur a long, long time (befur any of us, even, an edmund is 14!!!) an' we heard some stories that we nefur heared befur! It's hard to belief, but they were pretty funny sometimes, back inna day.

at last, the last two ladys lefted, an' mommer an' daddy started draggin' out trash bags an' stuff, an' at 10:30 IN THE PEEYEM, daddy finely fed us. (but not befur we peed long an' copiously--i bets edmund was inna bockus befur the last lady gotted in her car!)

so we ate, mommer an' dad wented to bed, an' we ventured out to sniff all the new smells that peoples lefted fur us. our noses was ofurloaded!! there was a bockus ofur in one corner that smelled inneresting. mr gary (miss ginger's husband) bringed it when they came in earlier an' tole mommer that he'd brought us kittehs a present. now, some of the humans bringed daddy presents an' some of 'em bringed the house presents (we know, we know ... silly). but he was the only one nice enuf to bring US one. we could hardly wait to see, but daddy was long gone an' we hadda wait 'til morning.

when he got up an' fed us on easy-like-sunday (which "easiness" we devoutly purred fer), he putted the bockus up onna table an' looked at it but din't open it. he stared outta the windows an' paced back an' forth from the dining room to the liffin-room. then he went outside wif the dbd an' did the same thing--paced back an' forth. we din't see him jump up an' down or hear him yell bad werds, so we guess he din't find the doggy landmine the dbd left out there while he was pacing. then they came back in, an' he went an' watched the talking bockus.

later, mommer finely dragged her as, errrr, gotted up an' made herself coffee. while she slurped it, she looked at the bockus an' 'splained to us that it's fer feedin' the fevvers outside when it gets cold!

food's hard fer fevvers to find then, so the 'rents are gonna put it inna backyard right by the windows behint the sofa. We'll haff a bird's-eye view (ahahahahahah! we kills us! we'f been waitin' to use that one this whole time!!!) of them fevvers hoppin' an' flappin' when they comes to dinner.

maybe even a quirrsel or two will be out there for us to chitter at, although mommer 'splained that the quirrsels are pacifically NOT invited to this restaurant. we dunno; the ones we've seen on our quirrsel video an' onna talking bockus wear some pretty nifty smartypants.

iggy was hopin' it could be a snack bar fer us, but since we can't efur go out, we guesses it'll remain just a snack bar fer the fevvers.

so ennyway, that's the story of our caturday frum hell, although the long-term bennyfits fer us seem like we'll enjoy 'em! we just hopes that this "housewarming" thing don't come around efurry year. an' if it do, it sure oughtta be inna winter. silly humans.

(we'll try not to make you wait all this long again ...)


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like you will be getting some interesting Bird TV. I am glad everyone enjoyed your daddy's birthday and the house warming party.

Katie Isabella said...

Boy oh boy! You kittens REALLY had a LONG LONG day. And having to wait to pee...what angels you are! :-) Um, the squirrels have multiple pairs of smarty pants and don't you forget it. They will feast on the fevvers foods. xoxoxo

The Island Cats said...

Wow, what a day! The evil squirrels are always trying to get the birdies' food here.

Random Felines said...

good heavens - what an adventure. we hope the bird tv is exciting - and we don't think the squirrels are gonna be all that intimidated by the feeder MOL

Getzger said...

You cats are lucky cats. A new house, a catio, AND a fevver feeder. And don't you realize that houseguests make for the most wonderful day? All that petting and scritching and belly rubs and head bonks! I love visitors!!