30 August 2006

we don't have vishus deer here, but

we're all scared just the same! usually on caturdays, He rides around and around and around outside the house, and up and down the big grassy place next to the house on a small, stinky, noisy orange moving box with no top. He calls it "puttin' up hay" but it looks like grass to us. and we've seen the noisy red box He gets in, and the green one that She uses, so it's not like we've never seen that kind of critter before.

purrsonally, I think those moving boxes are animals they don't let come in the house. i always hear Him and Her complaining about how much it costs to feed them, so they must be alive, right?

today, a VERY VERY noisy REALLY BIG yellow moving box came to our house. well, next door to our house in the big grassy place. it was carrying a big round whirling tube on its back. it went backwards over the grass towards the tall, windowless tin house where the fishing boat lives, and He and grandad opened the big sliding door. it drove in backwards and started to make even MORE noise!

then it moved forwards a little bit, and we could see from xing's window what it was doin' in there. you won't believe it: it was poopin'! and it musta ate somethin' that wasn't good for it, 'cause when we do that, we poop about that color, and get our bottoms washed! i don't know why He would let it do that--maybe 'cause it was so big, He figured it'd poop on Him if he didn't let it go on the gravels in the tin house.

anyway, after a while it was all through, and rolled back to the street and away from us. an' for hours afterwards, we saw Him out there trying to bury that stuff, but the most He could do was smooth it out.

tonight He told Her that He was glad it was done, 'cause now the outside kitties from next door couldn't get in there under the door anymore and pee in his boat. well, duh! no kitty would be crazy enough to go where something had left such a huge scent mark!!

so now we're scared that the big yellow box will come back and start poopin' all over the neighborhood, and squoosh all the outdoor kitties (even the ones that pee in His boat don't deserve that)! what if it came an' pooped in our living room?????

purray with us that it won't come back!! we are too scared to purr, even!!



Shaggy and Scout said...

That THING has Him under its control. You may need to call in the authorities to resue Him. It sounds worse than a vishus deer!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

That does sound scary. We have to contend with smaller stuff like coons who try to eat our food.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We'll try to get our secretary (Mom) to make a link for your blog, but she probably won't have time till next week.


Anonymous said...

I jus thowt I'd stop by and say hullo since enny frend of Skeezix is a frend of mine! My foodladee tol me she used ta live in Ilynoise and useta go to Wizkonsen on vacayshun win she wuz a littel gurl. But she likes the pritee hillz and treez here a lot. She sayd she has bin to Saynt Looiz before too,iz that cloz to ware yoo live in Mizsooree?
Thanx fer beeing my frend!


Anonymous said...

what the heck? get out! hurry - before sumfin bad happins ta ya!

The Meezers or Billy said...

a giant pooping machine? you better run!

Rats & Cats said...

Yikes! be careful! :)

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Yea, I think you should run and hide. Maybe if you scent mark all over the house the pooper will stay away?

Hot(M)BC said...

Yes! Run! Hide! But don let it near yours litterbox!!!
~~ Sanjee

Skeezix the Cat said...

Wow, I've never herd of such a terrifying monster before. If I'd known sooner, I wood have put it in this week's scaredy pole. I've bin called a giant pooping masheen before, but it's only becuz pooping is such a big part of my life!