01 September 2006

holey socks! we've been slackers!

we realizes we hasn't been blogging the last two days--our She has been getting us set up on catster and on the pet blog network, and doing some whatchacallit--bean business--so the puter has been overworked. She told us to leave it alone for a while so it wouldn't have a nervous break down, so we did. we don't know how much time we will have available to spend on catster, but we've already made lotsa furrends there. our paws get pretty tired sometimes, and it's hard to fit in lotsa typing amongst the mandatory (and optional) naps! none of us ever met a nap we didn't like!! an' our He has been home this week, too, so we've been bugging paying Him lotsa attention.

but now She's done, and we can get back to business. we wants to ask if there's anything that we could do better for you, our bloggie furrends. would we be more readable if we change fonts? colors? post more pictures? fewer? (we promise there won't be too many more scholarly posts to snore through.) any other hints, tips, or ideas from you 'sperienced blogcats? please tell us in a comment or a e-mail, and we will sure try hard to improve!

thanks, furrends!



Rats & Cats said...

Salem has a catster page - it's addictive once you get on there :) Your blog looks great to me!

Anonymous said...

PIC-SHURES! we has a limited 'tention span an we likes pic-shures. howeffur, we also likes stories ta go 'long wif the pic-shures. yur pic-shure an story 'bout the mousie (RIP) was wonnerful fur example. our Lady 'specially loves pic-shures of fluff - she could look at 'em all day long - an we know you got that goin on there on account of we've seen some of it. Grr likes pic-shures of fev-vers - live or dead or effun somewheres in between. we likes po-ums an we likes ta be informed on 'portant stuff like VISHUS DEER an we likes hearin 'bout yur life in genny-rul. you is doin good an we likes it!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Pictures are always good. We love to see our friends in pictures:
Sleeping, Playing, or Meoroowing.

Daisy Sunshine said...

Pictures! more Pictures!!!

The Meezers or Billy said...

we agree- PIKSHURS!

Just Ducky said...

You do what ever you think is bestest for you. You don't have to post every day, but if you takes a long break, let us know. Otherwise we worry what happened to you.

I agree, more pictures.