07 September 2006

more pictures!

here's our He & She, whooping it up at a family wedding. you can tell what a good time they're having by the redness of Her face;-)

on the right is our Boy. he doesn't live here anymore but we see him at least once a week. he gives us skritches and tail-pulls, mostly.

in the picture at the left, you see sweet old quiet xena, who never bothers us.

at the lower right is cocoa, who bothers us A LOT!!! but from what He and She say, she'll mellow out eventually. we hope to survive the process.

finally, at left is The-Dog-That-Was, Dashing Thor Thunderfoot, xena's daddy. he was a Good Dog and put up with all sorts of nonsense, like the Boy dressing him up. he was always ready for a ride-in-the-car, chasing squirrels (They had to refer to those critters as "fluffytails" in thor's hearing, or he would go berserk trying to get out the door). he had the most happy-go-lucky personality anydog has ever had. even us meowers miss him.

we will post more critter pictures another time--hope you're having a warm, nappish, comfy, full-tummy kinda day! we are!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, we are scared of dogs. You are brave kitties.

Anonymous said...

well that's a furry nice lookin fambly ('cept yur right - Cocoa looks a little scary). was you implyin that yur momma's face is reddish on account of she's been in the nip? nuffin wrong wif that - party on!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

You have a nice family. We've never lived with woofers. Are they as bad as everyone says?
I guess it's OK as long as they know who's boss.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

You have a very nice fambly. Even the woofies.

Millie said...

I think if those dogs lived in my house I would hide. Your people look very nice. My Lady would like your She because the Lady likes bright colors too.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Cocoa looks like the resepshunist at the vet man's office. Do yoo know if Cocoa has a job?

Rats & Cats said...

Beautiful pics, lovely family :)