06 September 2006

it wasn't me this time!

Nitro sez:

well, last night, She found out it's not only me that scarfs up leftovers!

She was unavoidably delayed in the bean litterbox room when She heard "clink" "clink" "clink" coming from the direction of the kitchen (which from Her position was out the door to the left, and behind Her). She knew it was the sound of a spoon or fork being moved around in a bowl as a pink tongue slurped up yummy lickins.

"NITRO!!!" She bellowed. the clinking stopped. started again. "DAMMIT, NITRO!!!" silence.


"that does it!!! i'm squirtin' your mangy butt off when i get outta here! go ahead, keep lickin, just keep on lickin!!"



*creeping silently (for a bean) around the doorjamb, plant mister at the ready . . . *

"what the . . . why, xingie! what are YOU doing, slurping up the remains of my garlic pasta? do you like it? want mommy to get you some more, sweetheart?"

*GAAAAKKKKKK* (sound of nitro gagging in disgust)

jeez; not only did xing not get squirted, but got some more lickins, too. and I got squirted for daring to get closer to see how much she got! i ask you, is that rank favoritism, or what?!?

(She's smirking and muttering something about "The Smothers Brothers", whoever they are.)


The Meezers or Billy said...

mommies should not play favorites - if one gets squirted, all should get squirted. if one gets yelled at, all should get yelled at. RIGHT MOMMY? MOMMY? Are you listening? - Sammy

Anonymous said...

oh no. no. no. NO! this is SO unfair! whatcha gonna do ta get effun?

Anonymous said...

That is definitely not fair at all. You should get some yummies, too.

Teri said...

I love this blog! I am glad you guys found me. I have a grandma in Springfield MO. She has a woofie so we dont visit her. I will keep reading.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Yummies should be profided fairly. If sum kitties chose not to eat them, they're fair game. I'm usually the plate cleaner, but Bonnie surprised Mom one night by bein the one on the counter.