09 September 2006

nitro has a snack

xing lu sez:
my Mommy was slurpin' down a can of ravioli while she watched a moovy called arsenic & old lace for the 'leventy-third time. when the moovy was over, she went off to do something else, and i caught nitro raiding. i kept hopin' that he'd get his head stuck, but it didn't happen this time. rats!

(and my Mommy sez there was 'sposdta be a poll posted yesterday, but she and vizu just weren't seeing eye-to-eye on the subject. maybe it's coming later)


Anonymous said...

okay - THAT is a GREAT video! ya gonna show it ta yur momma Xing? is Nitro gonna get in trubble? did that paw that went inta the can get sauce all offur the papers? didn't he care that you was filmin him an was gonna tattle?
Nitro - dude, be careful of the sharp edges! an get that spoon outta there furrst so's there'll be more room fur yur head.
our Lady sez she's watched that old moovee like a squillion times an plans ta watch it a squillion more an she still giggles efurry time.
we like polls but if it's not workin, just ask us sumfin. anyfing. we likes ansering quest-shuns.

Hot(M)BC said...

Real live dead ravioli? hehehe


Chatham said...

My little brother Salem is always trying to get into things. Watching this has made me hungry ...

Victor Tabbycat said...

Nitro, that is classic! Mom likes Arsenic an Old Lace, too, but I fink I purrfer Nitro an Ravioli!

Anonymous said...

That was smart, Nitro, reaching in the can to scoop the food out! :)