26 September 2006

NEW: Two-fold Caption Non-Contest


well, not really a "contest" in the sense that you get a prize--'cause we can't afford a prize right now--but you DO get braggin' rights!! so:

What is the kitty saying? What is the mousie thinking?

(Note: they don't have to be having a conversation--in other words, the two phrases don't have to match each other.)


Gemini said...

Oh my it moved! Said the cat.

Sometimes I wish I were a bat, said the mouse.

Derby said...

The cat: Now watch as I levitate the mouse in front of my mouth. Not using my paws.

The mouse: Just get this trick over with and let me go, will ya?.

Hot(M)BC said...

"And who said catching popcorn in your mouth was a big deal?" says the cat.

"Mom TOLD me to look both ways before crossing the street," says the mouse.

The Meezers said...

cat: EEEEEEEKKKKKKKK a mouse - get it away get it away

mouse: EEEEEKKKKKk a cat - get it away get it away!

Chaotic Cat said...

Mouse: "Try doing this with your eye's closed"

Cat: "You not gonna trick me again!!!"

Rascal said...

Cat: Bwaah haa haaa haa haaaa!!!!

Mouse: Yikes!!!!

Catzee said...

Kitty - How many more times does we gots to do this?

Mousie - Jus til we freak everyone out.

Sue said...

May I ask a favour, could you possibly translate Luna's latest entry - she's been to the vet, and I long to know how she is.
Thank you so much.

Mia and Ghost said...

Cat : this sure beats that toy mousie at home

Mouse : HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW... the purrthday list @ Purrthday List but we don't know about map - thought it was on Timmy's site.

DEBRA said...

Cat: Open wide

MOuse: I knew I should have stayed in bed.

What a pixshur!


Eclair said...

Cat: Hot! Hot ! Hot! YeoW!

Mouse: Heh heh, my anti-cat potion is working!

Badness said...

Cat: Down the hatch!

Mouse: But I haven't danced the macarena yet!

Latte said...

Cat: Watch as I make this fine mouse disappear and reappear. Allyoup!

Mouse: He'd better not swallow this time!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I caught this mouse with my claws
Then tossed him up high with my paws
My mouth opened wide
So the mousie could hide
Inside of my hungry jaws

it's not a caption, but it's the furrst thing that came into our furry heads

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

OMG, I'm in shock. I'm so stunned I can't even think of a caption! If that cat was black & white and inside instead of outside, it could be ME! That's the same way I catch my mousies when they get into our house.

Maxwell Smartkitty

Beau said...

Cat: AAAAAAGH...it's alive and FLOATING...AAAAAAGH!!!

Mouse: I'm floating!! I'm floating!!

Cat: Gotta...catch....mouse...!!!

Beau said...

Cat: Now as I raise my paws the mouse will begin to float and levitate...

Mouse: Can't catch this..heehee!

Beau said...

Cat: Oops, thought I coughed up a hairball..gotta grab that mouse quick!

Mouse: PSYCH!! Fooled YOU!! heehee!

Eric and Flynn said...

CAT: Atishoo, why do I always sneeze at the wrong time?
Mouse: Wow! I'm jet propelled.