20 May 2007

once again, we got no t-shirt!

we are gonna hafta tell mom she can't go out wif her friend miss ginger no more. they are not a good influence on each other as far as kitties go.

yesterday they went to tour a new winery called OOVVDA, which is kinda like "uffda"; if you're a norskie, you know what that means. for you non-norskies, that's an all-purpose word that means anything from "oh, nuts! i forgot to buy sugar" to "jeez, that piano was heavier than i thought" to "WOW! what a mess we're in now" an' efurrything in between. anyway, the oovvda people grow their own fruit an' make wine from it, an' she an' miss ginger tasted eight flavors. an' mom bought a bottle, an' they drank the whole thing. an' once again, nobean brought us nuffin, no wine lickin's (they left the empty bottle there) nor even leftofurrs from dinner later!*mom thinking:* hmmmmm. i'da swore there was something in this glass just a minute ago . . .these nice ladybeans are called "bella musica" an' they played kelltick music an' even some opera tunes while people sat around an' tried wines an' enjoyed the beautiful blue sky an' cool air. it was kinda windy, though, an' the poor ladybeans had a hard time keepin' the music papers they was readin' from flyin' away! miss ginger is a flickr person, an' that means she documents darn near efurrything wif her camera. so here's one of her pictures documenting mom documenting the people playing pretty music on the harp an' flute.
once mom gets a little tiddly, she needs food, so they went downtown to nonna's italian restaurant. an' also once mom gets a little tiddly, she gets a little silly. here she is, concentrating on trying to fasten her mouthwiper to her harness so it won't slide off her lap unner the table. we think she shoulda tied it to the chair so SHE wouldn't slide unner the table herself!mom had rosemary chicken and grilled gnocchi (which she said din't look like any gnocchi she'd efurr seen before, but it tasted just fine), andmiss ginger had spanakopita with couscous salad, which was also just fine! they are both furry thankful that there are some authentic ethnic places to eat. when mom and dad came here almost 30 years ago, there weren't any!an' while they ate, a nice bean played some lovely mellow music on a guitar. they had a Good Day. but we still din't get nuffin!!! gram told us she useta carry a little plastic bag in her purse so she could bring home little tasty things to their woofie, little bit. how come mom can't do that? or miss ginger for that matter--she's got four fine kitties of her own who would love some fancy yummy foods. what's up wif these beans???? an' since dad and boy and leslie his girlfriend went fishing this afternoon, we din't even get fed our OWN food until after mom got home at 7:15. for two whole hours, we almost wasted away!! how would she have felt if she came home to find our thin little bodies sprawled vainly in front of our empty bowls, huh? think about it, mom!!!


Daisy said...

Oh, it looks like your mom had a very wonderful time! Wine, yummy foods, and good music too. Your mom has some fun adventures.

But it was very mean of her not to bring you back a little souvenir t-shirt or something! Maybe next time you can leave her a little souvenir, if you know what I mean...

Tara said...

Oh, your mom looks like she had a wonderful time! My mom would have really enjoyed it! She plays Celtic music on her fiddle, and her great granddad is from Norway! So she really enjoyed reading about the day!

But I'm with you, she should have brought you something for being gone so long!!


jcfloresinc said...

What not eve a cattie bag full of leftovers!!! When Mom's go out and have a good time they sometimes forget about us. But then we give them our pitiful me looks and they feel bad and buy us something. We love them anyway. Tigger and I are going back to our naps.
Have a restful Sunday.
Samantha & Tigger

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

A whole day of effuryone ELSE haffing fun and yoo gots nuffing? Yoo need to leef dem a little sumfing of yoor own! Let us know if yoo need sugjeshtons, we can sertinly help yoo out wif dat.

Getzger and Blue Kitty said...

Getzger and Blue Kitty here...well, when the ginger mom bean got back from being wif your mom, she didn't have nuttin for us neither. So we agree with you. We kitties gotta stick together. But yeah...I guess they had fun. I guess to beans, that was kinda like getting left out all afternoon AND finding a snake to play with.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

so they didn't bring you anything, but they took pictures of all the food to show you what you missed? is that their idea of humor? when our Lady used to go out when she was a kid, they always had a zippy bag for treats for their woofie. efurrybuddy had to contribute. that should be a rule. do you want me to show her my claws? I've been using 'em quite a bit recently.

Oh, you poor starving kitties! Next time you're abandoned and forgotten, please come right over to our house! We've got loads of food and 3 kinds of treats, and lots of ham. We're happy to share (especially with you, Ed sweetie)!

i herd of chickhen, but i duzzn't no whut that offur stuff iz. looks kinda like veggie-tibbles. i duzzn't eet veggie-tibbles but if they gots butter, i'll lick it off. i duz no whut wine is tho, on account of the Lady sez that's whut i do when i wants Temptations or petting or food or ta see what she's doin' or ta get in her lap or ta get in a closed door room or, well, anyfing purrty much. i fink a good wine gets me whuteffur i want.