26 May 2007


IT'S A TOE! errrrr, TIE!!! (mom has not had enough coffee yet . . .)

that dopey site meter is incredibly hard to figger out, so her head sploded, an' after we picked up all the pieces an' put them back in place, she said something like, "blinkety-blankety-so-an-so-dad-gummed-confounded-cotton-pickin-pickle-
packin-pea-picken-chikken-pluckin-pot-lickin-gosh-dang" (but don't quote us) an' decided that all the 10,999s an' the 11,000 gets the same prize. she hasn't told us yet what it is, so:
  1. samantha, tigger, & mom
  2. yuki & kimiko
  3. grr, the lovely miss midnight & cocoa
  4. the feline sextet
HURRY UP an' send us yer snail mail addies through our profile, an' we can ALL find out!



The Feline Sextet said...

We emeowed you! We're furry happy and excited!
The Feline Sextet

jcfloresinc said...

We can't seem to find the email address? We excited, too.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

No way - really? Thank you! Do you still have our address? Of course, if Ed would like to come over and spend the day with me, I'd consider THAT to be a great purrize!