17 July 2007

YAY!!! dad's better

poor ol' dad is no longer green-faced. the pee-problem doctor told him the rock was only 1 anna haff centymeters, too little to worry about needin' a noperation, so that's good. what's bad is that until the rock comes out by itself, he's gonna have these hurtin' spells. so if it hurts again, he has medysin he can take for the hurty. or maybe it's gone already. nobean knows. at least he knows what it is now an' isn't afurraid somethin' permanently gnarly is happenin' to his innards.

one of the beans who comes in to dad's store says he had a rock like that, too. only his was 11 anna haff centymeters big. dad thinks his hurts like pushin' a tater through a straw, but that ofurr poor bean was tryin' to push a nellyfunt!

thanks to all of you who worried and purred wif us!!

an' now, on with the show:we was good brofurs tonight: we helped nelson while he ate supper. we watched his chows so they din't run away while he was getting a drink of water! why does mom holler on us when we do this?? she says we makes him nervous. what's to be nervous about? it's not like it's bean food or anything else good, like hammm. we wouldn't put the bitey on his chows. nefurr. not us.


Max said...

I hope your Dad doesn't get the Owies again. The Man has SIXTEEN of those things floatying in ONE kidney. He lives in fear of them moving around and stabbibng him from the inside out, so he knows how your dad feels. I understand it's not pleasant. not at all.

Cheysuli said...

I hope your human continues to feel better. You also.

For some reason I am not supposed to watch Georgia eat either. I don't know why.

Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, your poor dad! It's awful to have rocks in your kidknee!! I know from experience!

the Artsy Catsy meezer

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We're glad your dad's doing better! Our Lady's got those things in her gall bladder, so she can't eat fatty stuff and can't eat much at one time. She's okay with it because she doesn't really like food much anyway. You guys, however, appear to be very very interested in food - especially someone else's. It's very nice of you to be so helpful and concerned.

Lux said...

My dad drinks cranberry juice all the time; he thinks it helps him keep from getting those stones. And lots of water! Still, every now and then he doubles over in pain.