16 July 2012

mancat monday guests!

today we'd like to innerduce our mancat guest stars: tubby (left, blue burmese) an' the efur-busy getzger (blue abyssinian, right). holding them is our faverit human next to mommer & dad, an' also our faverit feed&water&scoop-when-the-rents-are-outta-town purrson, miss ginger. we knows that it looks like getz should be named tubby, but he wasn't allus plumpish. an' tubby looks awful short here, but he's nearly as long as getzger. miss ginger was demonstratin' how flexible (in body an' in spirit) their mencats are. she wallers 'em around somethin' awful, an' this was nuthin' compared to what come next. we're sorry there are no pictures of it, but mommer hadda put the camera down acause she was laffin' an' laffin'. so SHE had a good time, but we haff nuthin' to show fur it.

getzger (you haf seen him befur inna water-from-the-faucet video) is a furry busy cat who takes his house patrols an' snoopervisin' duties astreemly serious. no matter where you go (an' what you do), there he is. matter of fact, he is SO prompt, you can frequently trip ofur him before he gets there! he also is a garter-snake killer par excellence. whenefur he can make a tour of the backyard, he throws hisself into findin' an' killin' the emeny--why, just the day this picture was tooken, mommer narrowly avoided steppin' in snake chunks an' some cat-hurl fulla ribs in their liffin' room!

tubby is a lover, an' kin giff you concussions wif his headbonks when he really likes you. he luffs scritches unner his chin, an' if you is a ladybean, he will head straight for yer, ummmm, frontal appendages to cuddle up an' purrrrrrrrrrr. his eyes are kinda mesmerizin' :
he hafs a condition called persistent pupillary membrane, which means the remnants of a fetal membrane din't atrophy around birth-time or shortly after, an' persists as li'l ropes of tissue crossing his pupils. his first name (at the cattery) was "astro" which is a greek werd for "star"--so he is really starry-eyed.

so now you haff faces to put wiff the names of kittehs we sometimes mention! they haf a furry fine fambly, an' haf two sisfurs (blue kitty an' sprinky) who may someday come outta hidin' long enuf fur mommer to take their pictures!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We we're smiling looking sat the photo - they looked like "Little" and "Large"!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Angel Prancer Pie said...

What pretty kittehz. Thanks fur tellin us more about them.

Getzger said...

Um, acshully, that IS Tubby in the picshur! I guess my beans put a lotta picshrs on the interwebs. Google me sometime. It's impressive. Fank you for such wunnerful werds about us. We luv you furry furry much.

Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha ha! We see that Miss Ginger is a humorous Human, as well as your peeps! She can come over and waller us any time...um, what's a waller?

pee ess: tell her to bring snakes.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

What great good friends you have. We love lovers like Tubby.

Oui Oui said...

Well, you have some fine furriends, specially if they share those snake chunks with you, well, before they are hurled. Bonus points for when they are still moving.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Your friends are very handsome. It sounds like it might be fun to get wallered. Snake chunks sound tasty too, but we would rather have them without the hurl.