02 October 2013

furry curious.

igmu sez:  i bin watchin' outta the liffin-room windows, an' there's a big box out there. mommer an' dad put stuff in it, take stuff outta it, and lift up little fings that look like cats--but they're really, really small.

now, alla us boys an' xing haff been "fixed" in that special way, so they can't be "kittens", acause kittens only come frum "unfixed" cats. bast knows, i've tried enuf times with nitro, and NO KITTENS! EFUR. so i know that's true.

an' mommer's jeans smell funny in places that are NOT where they USUALLY smell funny. what's up with that?

and what in the name of sekhmet ARE those critters, an' what are they doin' on our porch???


Katie Isabella said...

I'm bustin' to KNOW!!!

Fuzzy Tales said...

No picture???!!! We, too, want to know!

meowmeowmans said...

Seriously! What is in that box???

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Oh Igmu, you made me laugh when you said you've been trying with Nitro but no kittens. Mum used to call Eric the Hump-a-Lump because he would get on my back and bite my neck sometimes. Those tiny things that look like kittens are a puzzle aren't they.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Sounds interesting. Curiosity has overcome you all.