25 August 2014

mmm (mixed martial mancat) monday

xing sez:  effidently edmund had a disagreement wif nitro ofur possession of the plague rat (out of frame) yesterday morning. My Daddy told My Mama that nitro wasn't efen DOIN' ennything an' was just walkin' by when edmund laid a whole case of whup-butt onnim. it woked me up outta my early beauty sleep, an' My Mama sed it even woked her up. she is not a happy Mama when woked up at 4:22 ayem inna morning. edmund kep' on chasin' an' whuppin' on nitro for a lotta minnits, an' they was bangin' inta the walls an' efurrything! My Daddy hadda toss stuff at him to get him to leaf nitro alone. nitro went an' hid, but edmund sat inna corner an' said a lotta werds from the cat bad werd list fur a loooonnnnng time.

such bullies those boycats are. and ill-mannered. And NOISY! you can see why i prefer to liff alone!

(Mommer's note: nitro was pretty cautious walking around the house for the rest of the day because ed kept giving him the stink-eye, but they were sleeping cuddled up together when i went to bed.)


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

They were smart really cos they knew not to go to bed on an argument.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh my! You two really keep your peeps on their toes.
We like that in our furriends. MOL!

Katie Isabella said...

BOY! STOP THAT! Edmund! There are other toys! Knock it off!

Auntie Carole