26 August 2006

help for furrends

Mommy sez:

if you haven't heard yet, miss brandi (of catitude) and her mama are having a tough time right now. if you think you would like to help them out and/or "pay it forward" or reduce your time in purgatory or enhance your karma, please go here:

where there's structions on how to do it. many grateful purrs and blessings will be yours! and you'll feel good about it!


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh my. LOL I was so surprised to see this. But yes, if anyone wants to use PayPal or a credit card or MC/Visa Debit card through PayPal, I'm covering any fees that PayPal charges so all the money amount donated will go to Brandi and her Mom. There's also info on the page if you'd prefer to send a check -- Oreo's Mom is helping out with getting those to Brandi and her Mom -- so that works too. We're just all trying to pull together to help them out until Brandi's Mom can get a new job.
"Meow" (cheezy imitation of a meow)
Robyn aka Mom Robyn

Unknown said...

Luna is lost sniff!

Anonymous said...

so sweet of you ta put up the info - we're gonna go there. thank you!