17 September 2006

kolar kitty, redux

jake, of jake & bathsheba, made this suggestion a couple of days ago in a comment on the story of the kolar cat, KC: "Maybe the company should rescue another kitty since they're good for the customers."

well, here's the story on that:

after KC went to nanet's, boss offered to get mom another kitty from the home-grown stock at his house, or take her to the shelter to get one, or whatever she wanted. but she said she just couldn't do it anymore. losing KC was SO traumatic, she didn't know what would happen to her brain if it happened again with another kitty.

and since nanet had gone to a different workplace, that meant there would be only one "traffic cop" (mom) to constantly remind a group of so-called "grown-ups" to (1) be sure the doors were closed behind them, (2) to not stand in the doorway holding open the doors while talking (boss's d*g, bullet, got run over in the street in front of work when a customer did that), (3) stop scaring the kitty, (4) stop teasing the kitty, (5) etc., etc.

while she loved & adored little KC, and enjoyed her company so much while she was with them, those were also the most psychologically wearing two years of mom's life, and just couldn't bear to do it any more. besides, what would be the odds that any other kitty they got would have the perfect temperament that KC did for being a shop cat? so, sadly, no more cats at kolar.

(however, one of the repair team brings his d*g, buck, in with him when he comes to work now. that makes the one grump who didn't like cats happy, and the rest of us cat lovers like him, too. buck was thrown away just like KC, but now has a wonderful furrever home with his daddy, monty.)


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Well, we respect your Mom's feelings. She doesn't accept her responsibilities lightly, and her mental health is important for her family at home.


O30T said...

Awww that is such a sweet & sad story ... I am so sorry to hear about KC but it sounds like she brought a lot of joy to many people and I am sure even the d*g lover secretly misses her.

I think your Hummie is a wonderful person.
Hugs from Chaos

Anonymous said...

yeah, yur momma's furry smart