18 September 2006

The original Vita-Mineral Mix from 3 years ago

Mom found it on an old hard drive!!

1 ½ cup yeast powder (any food-grade yeast—brewer’s, tarula, or flaked)
½ c kelp powder or granules
1 c lecithin granules
1 c wheat germ—TOASTED!!
1 c bran (wheat, oats, rye)
½ c dolomite or bone meal (dolomite’s easier to find)

mix together and store in covered coffee can or similar container. REFRIGERATE!!! add 2 tsp of mix to each small 6.5 oz can ( I just stir 1 tsp into moist food morning & evening). three times a week, give one drop of vitamin E and add ½ tsp of cod liver oil.

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