18 September 2006

some health care tips for kitties

nels sez:

mom sez to tell ya, we has noticed that some kitties in the catosphere have admitted to a few health problems. when spottycat-that-was no longer had uncle eeker to groom her, and got too old to do a good job of it herself, she began having matts. mom gave her the powder listed on this page and it did wonders. her fur grew back in, became glossy again, she didn't have dander, and didn't matt anymore. it took several months, of course, for all this to be accomplished, but at least she didn't have to spend her last four years being constantly annoyed by people trying to cut out matts. those darn things really hurt--they are like dreadlocks. they twist and pull on our skin, and that's why we don't like pettin's there very much.

it's the furry furst one on the page, Anitra Frazier's Vita-Mineral Mix. beans can get the stuff in the health food store, or maybe even in larger regular food stores. mom's pretty sure she also bought raw wheat germ, toasted it in a low oven until it smelled good, then stirred it and cooked it a little more, and added that to the mix. YOU MUST TOAST THE WHEAT GERM, 'CAUSE IT'S TOXIC OTHERWISE!!! this newer recipe doesn't add it. but you can, if you want; it can't hurt AS LONG AS IT'S GOOD AND TOASTED!!!!!.

it doesn't take long to do, and it's easy to just sprinkle on wet food or mix with a little water and pour on crunchies. you makes a bunch at a time, and can keep it sealed up tight in a clean ol' coffee can in the fridge! the dose of the mix is 1-2 tsp per kitty per day.

chaotic cat says "Hummy microwave heats digestive bran and then rubs it into my coat to clean me instead of putting me in yucky water ... wonder if this will also help with longer haired cats too?" can't think of any reason why not, unless they don't like being rubbed or brushed.

if you hafta cut matts, mom sez, grasp the matt at the base (closest to the skin, so you don't pull on it while working) and cut from the edge farthest away from the skin down towards the body. you gotta have a mellow cat, sharp scissors, and do this with incredible care and lotsa patience. do this several times, making a sorta fringe. that breaks apart the matt and lessens the tension, so it's easier to cut off down at the skin edge. this method doesn't pull on the skin, like the so-called "matt cutters". OUCH!

poor rocky's got pee problems, and maybe he and any of you other cats out there with that tendency might benefit from dr. pitcairn's powder - it has vitamin c in it, and ofurr healthy things!

we wishes all our kitty furriends good health so we can keep playing together for a long, long time! purrs & kitty-kisses to you all!


Anonymous said...

you guys know lotsa good stuff! thanks fur all the info! we're gonna look inta sumfin fur my extra itchy skin.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Wow, I'm so glad I found this. Just what I have been looking for. You are some smart cats.

KC is very glossy, but Missy has lots of matts, maybe because she is so, um, fluffy she can't groom her back that well? I'm going to try some of these things you little kittie doctors recommend.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Wow, thanx for all the helpful hints! I'll pass theze along to my poor frend Rocky. It was very nice of yoo to rite all theze.

O30T said...

Very interesting about the wheat germ ... Hummy microwave heats digestive bran and then rubs it into my coat to clean me instead of putting me in yucky water ... wonder if this will also help with longer haired cats too?

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh! Fanks for sharin!

O30T said...

Ohhhhh lookie you made mention of my advice ... fanx! A very old judge gave Hummy that advice and I can vouch for having an extra shiney coat since she has been using bran instead of that icky white fluffy bubble stuff.