22 September 2006

we're bored

bored, bored, bored. our beans never do nuthin' worth blogging about. what's a kitty to do?

we starts getting restive and hungry around 4:30 in the morning, so we talk, sing and thump on the door until He gets up, stumbling and muttering. She won't leave crunchies out in the open at night, 'cause fat ed will glom onto them all, and get even MORE jy-MUNDUS. He makes that koffee stuff and doles out our food. afters, He washes up, scrapes His face fur, changes pelts, and goes to the job at 6:00. He tells us to be good kitties, and to guard the house. well, duh! we're always good (for something) and if someone comes in, we'll watch 'em close to see if they have any stinky goodness!

when He's gone, it's pretty quiet, unless xing came out of her "suite" before He left. then we chases her and knocks stuff around, and it gets very asitin' for a while; but for some reason, she don't like it much. (her "suite" is the two rooms in the center of the house that The Boy used to live in. she hides in there most nights with the doors closed, 'cause otherwise the beans come out really mad and hollerin' when we chase her around and make her howl.) They just don't understand having fun. maybe THAT's why They're so dull.

our She likes to sleep a little later, so at 6:45 we hears the black box on the headboard start talkin'. usually, She talks back all grumpy and whacks it a good one. we wait a little more, an' eventually She staggers out to peer at the floor in case there's something She wouldn't want to step on. (an' don't think it's only us that drags stuff outside Their door. the d*gs leave their sheep chew-hoofs there, too, and if they're not spit-icky, they're dry and sharp!)

it takes Her 'way longer to navigate the gettin'-up ritual, as ed posted about a couple weeks ago. then She plays with each of us, pets xena, and makes a peanut butter sammich for breakfast. we all beg (successfully). at 7:30, She goes to the job, and we lays around, napping and looking at each other the whole day. sometimes a bird flies past or a squirrel sits on the carport, but that's it. nuthin' to blog about. and we don't gots no toys, 'cause cocoa and xena eats 'em all. blaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

what's this "job" thing, anyway? wouldn't They rather stay home and take naps with us and amuse us? we're VERY nappable and amusable, and we'll trade lotsa head bumps and purrs for amusement. it's a furry favorable exchange rate just now! They can't possibly understand how important this is; dull humans. dull. dull. dull.

we're bored. bored. bored.


Rats & Cats said...

dull humans indeed - always worryin' about this an' that an' never chillin' with nip and snoozin'. I dun' understand it.

Salem -x-.

Anonymous said...

we sleep all day while the Lady is at work an the teenagers are at school. when they get home, we cuddle. when they go to bed, we play.

see in yur bloggie where ya put "she staggers out to peer at the floor"? well, i don't read so good 'parently, an i thot it sed "she staggers out to pee on the floor" an i sed "WHOA, NO WAY" an sure enuff, i was wrong. darn. now THAT woulda made her not boring at all - gross, but not boring

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Our mum werks at home looking after the horsies, an we all goes into the fields togevver furr a walk so we don't get bored. If we go furr a long walk wiv her, then we come back tired an haf to sleep lots.When the beans go on theer hlly-days we haf to be locked up, an then we do get bored.

Fat Eric said...

It's pretty dull for me too on weekdays. The humans both go to work and I guard the house until they get back. But I eat and sleep and chill out. My mum sometimes talks about getting another kitty to keep me company in the daytime, but she worries I would eat him!

Gemini said...

Momma has her weekday routine but she doesn't work the whole time and has weird hours so it's not really a routine. I like that. It's so much better than the almost dad who goes out every day I think and ALL day!