11 August 2006

another dance lesson

xing writes:

last night, my Daddy and Mommy were sitting in their reclining chairs so nitro and i could sit on the foot parts (respectively; we would never sit together, even though i think he is maybe a little less stinky than the other boycats). Daddy's left ankle was resting on his right thighbone.

after a while, nitro started playing with Daddy's jeans leg, patting and working his way up towards the knee. finally, Daddy looked close to see what nitro was doing, and HAH!!

Daddy leaped up and started doing the same dance steps that Mommy did a couple nights ago, but he wasn't yelling. then he swatted his knee and showed nitro a flat spider, and told him he was supposed to be taking care of things like that, not playing around.

then he let cocoa licky the spider off his hand. nitro was mad; he wanted to eat it after he played with it a while. Daddy understands that kitties gotta play with bugs, but says when it comes to him being the playing field, all bets are off!

*smirk* =^..^=


Shaggy and Scout said...

Nice of him to let cocoa lick off the spider. We just like to toy with them until mom comes along & squashes them.

Rascal said...

Hello Pierce Kitties. I saw your comment on Derby's blog and came by to say hello. You have a very nice dad to let you lick the spider. It must have been the tasty kind.

Carolina Cats said...

Oh our mom hates the spiders and crawly things too. She allways sez "if it's got more than 4 legs and no fur, it doesn't belong in my howse" and tells us it's our job to get rid of them.

Thanks for coming by our blog, we wanted to tell you it's ok if lots of us blog about somefing like officer Fred or Lucas (Prince Diaper), it's how we show our love and respect for them. So you go right ahed and put a tribut to Officer Fred if you want.

Finny & Buddy