12 August 2006

Brave Officer Fred

he wore a handsome tabby suit and a badge on his collar. he was brave and helped catch bad beans who did wrong things. and yesterday he went to the rainbow bridge. we are proud to know that poodins like him are around to help other kitties. you can read about him here:

we send meows, head-butts, and purrs of sympathy to his beans!


Fat Eric said...

Yes, it is sad about Officer Fred. Nice to find another kitty blog to read. Respect to Ed kitty for being BIGGER than ME!! I am a measley 21 lb. I stand in awe before him.

Fat Eric said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog all the way over here in London. Any chance of seeing a pic of Edmund the Rotund lying on his back doing the feet-in-air thing? I am posting one soon so we can compare rotund tummies!