12 August 2006

YAY! the dog's in trouble

nitro sez:

yesterday morning, when She got up, we heard Her start hollering as soon as she went into the living room. we knew it it wasn't us that was gonna get the rough edge of her tongue, 'cause we'd all been in the kitchen 'cept xing, who was in her own room (where The Boy that belongs to Him and Her useta sleep, but he has hs own sleeping place somewhere else now).

the brown dog, cocoa, was inside the house instead of outside, 'cause He had felt sorry for her and didn't want to leave her out in the rain when He left for work. even though she's got her own doggie-house in the yard! i've never seen her melt in water--she actually likes it, 'cause she's a laberadore--so i don't understand why He did that.

since She was still asleep, and the blonde dog, xena, is old and doesn't like to play much, and we usually aren't in the mood to play that early in the day, she made her own fun. she cleaned off the end table beside Her reclining chair and chewed up the contents. a pen, a pencil, a sculpting toy with a pollymer clay handle, a package of pollymer clay (chewed and spit out like gum; no technicolor poop this time, but there has been before), 3 plastic bags of little beads, some papers, and an empty soda can. i bet that cocoa could have an exciting career in the high-paying, fast-paced world of aluminum recycling--she shredded the can into such little pieces, you could hardly see them any more! (now they are waiting to see if instead of technicolor poop, maybe it will be shiny instead.)

so She was pretty awake by this time (and probably some of the neighbors, too), and got the telephone to call Him at work. wow, was she mad. we heard Her tell Him that She didn't care if it was raining hammers outside, if He ever left cocoa inside in the morning again, they would have to pay some guy named hell. i don't know why; maybe he's the guy they got all the stuff cocoa tore up from.

but i really owe her big-time: she shredded the squirt bottle, too. gosh, am i glad to see that gone! *silent meow* *kitty smile*

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